Rex Anderson

Rex C. Anderson started practicing law in Arizona in 1990 and has been a Solo Attorney since 2005.  His law practice focuses on assisting mortgage lenders with real estate loans in default and he also serves as a mediator in the Bankruptcy Court mortgage loan modification program.

He is the creator of Solo Attorney Essentials which helps other Solo Attorneys to discover, learn, and master the law office technology tools for their solo practice, so they can be more efficient, more effective, and better serve their clients.

His experience with computers and adopting technology started over 4 decades ago and includes a minor in Math and Computer Science and enough college courses to be fluent in 9 computer programming languages.  For 9 years prior to starting law school, he helped teach others about computers as a Computer Systems Analyst and Computer Consultant.

Away from law and computers, he plays the saxophone in local bands, flies as a private pilot, sails in the open waters off San Diego, and works on lowering his golf handicap.

He can be reached at and via the website.