Site Overview:


VBA is an on (and off) line resource for attorneys, and other legal professionals.

It is the brainchild of Master Virtual Assistant, Andrea Cannavina, of @LegalTypist fame.

Legal professionals needed a better way to connect and share, a spot to learn (from trusted sources), and a place to just relax and be how lawyers and legal people are when together – wickedly smart and usually very funny. 😉

Andrea learned long ago how working on and through the web can get lonely – especially for one used to the hustle and bustle of a law office and she also came to realize there was no place for all legal professionals (not JUST attorneys OR admins OR IT people) to interact and share the information (and stories) of those who work at law firms. So she created The Virtual Bar.

The VBA is a place for all legal professionals to meet, mingle, mix and share in an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. In fact, the only requirement for membership is active employment at a law firm.

Members can use the VBA for purely educational and professional purposes by attending the monthly webinars & virtual meet-n-greets, or get to connect on a more personal level at the live lunches, happy hours and other VBA social events hosted in exciting locations like New York, Boston & Seattle.  The VBA events calendar lists upcoming dates and locations.

Members also receive discounts and other perks.

Quick facts:

Nickname: The Virtual Bar or VBA

Tagline: where legal professionals click

Hashtag: #dolawbetter

3 Words: connect learn laugh


Official Launch Date: February 1, 2017 (beta).


Set Your Firm Up For Success

Invest in the unique needs of your firm.  From planning your time, to building your systems, to understanding the changing practice management landscape – getting the know-how from the experts is a vital part of any successful business.

This is why we are pleased to introduce a range of online and offline workshops and classes including everything on business essentials, practice management, website, marketing and sales, coached by established and respected industry professionals.

Tailored to the legal profession, topics covered provide anyone at a law office with the fundamental set of skills and knowledge to not only get the work done, but do so securely.

Visit our website to book any of the upcoming classes.

Virtual Bar Association: A Community Based Organization for Legal Professionals Who Click

New York, February 14, 2017:  The Virtual Bar Association (VBA), an organization dedicated to providing an inclusive and welcoming place for legal professionals, announces the official launch of its website: http://www.virtualbarassociation.com today on Valentine’s Day.

“Working in legal is stressful and, in many instances, very lonely.  The advancement of technology has only made the isolation and stress worse,” says Andrea Cannavina, Director of the VBA.  “The VBA is here to help ALL who work at law firms connect, learn and laugh and we picked, today, Valentine’s Day, to prove it!”
The Virtual Bar Association is open to anyone who is actively employed by a law firm and Regular membership (normally $99) is free to all who are eligible and join by midnight, February 14, 2017. February 19, 2017.
The Virtual Bar Association provides easy access to practical information and members enjoy a myriad of ways to connect – including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, webinars, virtual meet & greets and, most importantly, local meet ups – where VBA Members take the online off to mix, mingle, network and be social.

Join VBA today at midnight and receive (for free):
•    instant access to the Membership Only Area – with library of links and member portals
•    invite to live monthly educational webinar and meet-n-greets
•    invitation to local lunches and meet ups
•    access to resources page with discounts and other Members’ Only perks